Based upon the methods and rules for the executive management for the medical waste

Producers of the waste products are obliged to have an executive program for the waste reduction (term number 6). Also all persons and companies that establish a medical center be it health center, clinic or hospital are obliged to have a waste management program which is approved by the ministry (term number 7).

The 3i group in view of the preparation of the comprehensive program for the waste management for the hospitals has the ability to implement the below mentioned programs and steps which are as follow:

(1)- Creation of the waste management group.

(2)- Allocation of the required and needed financial & human resources for the program.

(3)- Education & training necessary for the personnel of the hospitals( including mangers ,medical doctors ,nurses , trainee nurses , service personnel and all personnel involved in gathering waste, its transportation and elimination).

(4)- Designing and implementation of the systems for the elimination of the waste.

(5)- Implementation of the monitoring system for the elimination center.




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