The primary field of activity of our company

Among many other fields of activities that relates to Oil and Gas, which helps and contributes to concerns about environmental issues that have become such an extreme concern in every part of glob nowadays.

In view of the fact that use of fossil fuels have affected adversely and negatively environmental issues which have resulted in global warming, so it has become a top priority to use energy sources that can protect the environment as much as possible . Consequently our company is engaged in areas related to CNG, LPG and LNG and renewable energy and the equipments which are used in these fields of activities.

As a result of the above mentioned points, our company has decided to enter areas regarding the purchase and sale of the equipments and machinery which relates to CNG, LPG and LNG.

As a result our company has decided to work in this field of activity using all of its resources, and we look forward having the help and cooperation of the companies and experts that can help us and contribute in this area of work.







The 3i group of companies has decided to use the experience and knowledge of experts which are actives in different areas of renewable energies, and put renewable energy at its top agenda of work.

Our group of companies is actives in the fields of different engineering works and industries such as renewable energy, fuel, elimination of the hospital waste and electronics waste, refinery systems for hospitals, monitoring and usage of advanced equipments in industry.

Our strategy is to offer the most advanced engineering services in areas of energy, new energies, electronics and telecommunication. In order to achieve these aims our group of companies has established 15 different companies and sub divisions, contracting companies and interested companies. In future with the help of all mighty God we will witness the expansion of specialized engineering services which will be presented by our group of companies,

God willing.





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