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Waste Disposal

World health organization (W.H.O.) has divided the dangerous waste products into 9 categories which consist of the following , infected waste ,pat logy waste , sharp headed objects , medical waste , waste created because of cancer treatment , chemical waste , waste having high level of heavy metals, pressure capsules and radioactive waste. Different stages of management of medical waste consist of separation, packaging, labeling, gathering, transportation, refining and elimination.

Based upon the methods and rules for the executive management for the medical waste

Producers of the waste products are obliged to have an executive program for the waste reduction (term number 6). Also all persons and companies that establish a medical center be it health center, clinic or hospital are obliged to have a waste management program which is approved by the ministry (term number 7).

The 3i group in view of the preparation of the comprehensive program for the waste management for the hospitals has the ability to implement the below mentioned programs and steps which are as follow:

(1)- Creation of the waste management group.

(2)- Allocation of the required and needed financial & human resources for the program.

(3)- Education & training necessary for the personnel of the hospitals( including mangers ,medical doctors ,nurses , trainee nurses , service personnel and all personnel involved in gathering waste, its transportation and elimination).

(4)- Designing and implementation of the systems for the elimination of the waste.

(5)- Implementation of the monitoring system for the elimination center.


Water waste treatment

Management for the gathering, refining and putting to soil of waste water in hospitals and other industrial centers is one of the major parts of programming of a hospital for controlling its effects.Due to the high level of the surface affected by the waste, direct contact with the well being and health of the people and high cost of construction of the waste processing plants and infrastructure , as a result the management of these facilities have its complexities and different issues.

The importance of this issue becomes even higher in view of the fact that if there are any problems in the functioning of these facilities then we may face with the health problems that can become wide spread. Our company’s proposed method for designing & installing of the refineries is based upon the technology of the System S&P Company which its exclusive agency in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region is given to 3i Green Company which is based in Iran. This system of refining is divided in three stages (first, second and third) which is carried out based on disc system.

Its Specialties:

One of the most important aspects of this technology by our group of the 3i Green companies which is one of the most advanced technologies in this area is the functioning of this system without producing any smells, and its ability to recover the waste for the agricultural use, or its ability to eliminate and destroy the waste.

Other advantages of our system of refinement:

(1)- Superiority in comparison to other systems of refinement.

(2)- Simple technology.

(3)- The ability to construct it with different capacities.

(4)- Low maintenance cost.

(5)- Low level of sound pollution.

(6)- Functioning without creating any smells.

(7)- Having good appearance, because the system is covered properly.

(8)- The ability to install the system either on the ground or underground.

(9)- Manufacture of the systems which can be transported.

(10)- Acceptable results, and the fact that the system meets even higher than accepted regulation regarding the environmental safety rules.

(11)- Usage of the LAGON for the biological refining process.

(12)- Usage of the three stage refining process instead of two stage refining process.


Monitoring System

In view of the better use of the proposed system and use of the most advanced technologies of the world engineering group of 3i green is in a position to design and implement monitoring system in different wards of hospitals which can include the center for waste disposals and other wards of the hospitals.

One of the important and relevant aspect regarding the industrial automation in different wards of a hospitals which includes refining and waste disposal systems in a hospital is monitoring which consists of gathering of intended information from different sections and parts of any given industrial units and their presentation for achieving the below mentioned goals and aims which are as follow:

(1)- Showing the condition of each equipment and machinery at any given moments.

(2)- Presentation & registration of important and vital parameters of a system.

(3)-Presentation & registration of different alarms at the time that a mistake happens.

(4)- Presentation of where a malfunction has taken place, and the time of its happening in each part of a system.

(5)- Showing the process of functioning by utilizing the appropriate graphic facilities and possibilities.

(6)- The possibility of changing some of the controlling functions by using monitoring programs.

The process of utilizing of the station under the supervision of the monitoring system is controlled and supervised from the control room of the station from any desired place. For this purpose all the information of the station is gathered in central room of control, and then this information is given to different users at different places in different format of information.


CNG Middle Size and Home Fueling Station(renwable energy , a near dream)

Having healthy air is essential for the health, which requires the reduction of the pollutants in the air and using renewable sources of energy. In order to achieve this goal the technology which is being offered by the 3i Green Company under the name of the CNG middle size and home fueling station of compressed natural gas, Caspian CNG which were installed in different centers which can facilitate easily the process of delivering fuel for cars, but in much smaller sizes it can deliver the fuel in homes and offices.

Usual different stations for delivering CNG can be divided in two categories of delivering the fuel with high speed and delivering the fuel with low speed. Usually when stations of high speed fuel delivery are used is when the time of fueling is short for cars.

The public stations of CNG are of the high speed, and great number of cars can be fueled at the same time. The construction of these types of the stations is costly, and in order to use them a great deal of time, plus cost of transportations is needed.

The advantages:

No requirement for obtaining the land. No requirement for construction of branches of distribution for electricity and gas.

No requirement for personnel. Saving time and expenses for going to the station for fueling. Providing further ease and comfort for the owners of cars which use CNG.

CNG Middle Size and Home fueling station, a new option in CNG!

CNG Middle size and home fueling stations are used for time durations which are relatively long and sufficient. For these types of stations inherently there is no need to use the tanks of high pressure for stocking the fuel , and cars can receive the fuel directly from fueling compressors. The time for delivering the fuel depends upon the number of the cars which require receiving fuel, the amount of the CNG that remains in the storage tanks, the pressure needed for filling the cylinders of the cars and the capacity of the compressor.

These types of the stations do not require the complicated networks for delivering the gas. This type of fueling can be used for parking places, homes at night or in research works.

The products offered by 3i can be provided in different capacities and the possibility of providing services for homes, offices, industrial organizations and hospitals in a way that these stations can be installed and deliver fuel from one up to one thousand cars per day in units of apartments, villas, townships and industrial townships.



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